About Us

The Application

AcaPortals.com is an enterprise web-based solution developed to assist educational institutions manage their academic activities, records and virtual learning efficiently and optimally. Its flexibility makes it adaptable to Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools; as well as Tertiary and Specialized Institutions.

It is easy to deploy and manage. It supports Internet, Intranet and Stand-alone environments. Also it can be used with desktop PCs, Tablets and Phones.

When you deploy AcaPortals in your operations you eliminate fraud, headaches and leakages, thereby improving on efficiency with assured maximum returns on your investment.

For an Institution, which do not have a website, AcaPortals provides it with completely free website, through which the application is managed. If an Institution has a website, then we will do a very seamless integration of AcaPortals to the site.

AcaPortals is a product of Lampstand Technologies, a company whose vision is to see activities and processes driven Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and make them happen.