Acquisition & Setup

Acquiring AcaPortals and getting it setup for you is easy. We have provided a seamless means by which computer literate prospective clients can carry out a test run of the applications from any Internet enabled device in any part of the world.

We encourage our prospective customers to completely try out the application to get convinced, before getting committed. This can be done in any of the following ways:

  1. You can try a test demo now by clicking Try a Demo Test now
  2. You can call us on 234-706-101-1975 to arrange for a demo
  3. You can email us at to arrange for a demo
  4. You can fill our Request a demo form to arrange for a demo

When you are satisfied that AcaPortals will work for you today and tomorrow, even as your needs grow and change, then we can discuss cost with you.

Please note that the acquisition cost of the AcaPortals is FREE. It is a solution that can equally yield some revenue to the owner.